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Samsung Galaxy S8 Does Not Fail Its Fans After Surviving First DurabilityTest With Flying Colors

Apr 20, 2017 06:48 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 Durability Tests
(Photo : JerryRigEverything /Youtube) Samsung Galaxy S8 Durability Tests

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most popular phone today. Recently, it had its first durability test, and surprisingly it does not fail.

TNW reported that the latest released phone from Samsung had been submitted to its first durability test. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not show any fears as it did not let its fans down.

Contradicting what others have expected against the glass of the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it comes to durability, the belief was now slammed. Youtuber JerryRigEverything or Zack took the Galaxy S8 to their town to show people whether the phone would survive or not its durability tests.

However, the results do not only show fine, but its shocking. According to Gadgets360, the tests shows three things: the Samsung Galaxy S8 is tough bend, recovers through burn marks and competes with industry standards of scratching.

The tests performed involved scratching the phone, bending it, and used of a lighter to burn it. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very resistant and managed all of the tests. And because everybody would think that if the Galaxy S8 has the same battery to that of the Galaxy Note 7, Zack showed it is not using the scratching test. The phone was cut in the middle using a saw, until the battery expanded and smoke a bit, but did not burst into flames.

Furthermore, the test was extended when the battery was repeatedly poked with a knife but the battery did not catastrophically combust. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 had been protected by its glass cover at the back that when the tests were performed even the fingerprint scanner still works properly.

Zack is not only the Youtuber who performed such durability tests to know if the Samsung Galaxy S8 is sturdy enough. There are also others who tested the phone though smashing it with a hammer, the drop test, submerged test in liquid nitrogen, and immersing it in a boiling water.

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