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Microsoft To Release Windows 10 RedStone 3; Office Feature To Release Twice

Apr 21, 2017 10:06 AM EDT

A logo of Microsoft At the Mobile World Congress
(Photo : David Ramos / Stringer for Getty images) A logo sits illuminated outside the Microsoft pavilion on the opening day of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Predicting when Microsoft would release the new feature upgrades to Windows 10 and Office has been a game for tech enthusiasts. This September, it would be easier now as the situation would become more predictable.

In a blog post by Microsoft today, they said that will commit to releasing two Windows 10 and two Office client feature upgrades annually. The target delivery dates are targeted in March and September, officials said.

In an article published in ZDNet, they said that Windows 10 Redstone 3, the next feature update, will be released in September 2017, Microsoft officials confirmed today. Before that, rumors are only circulating that the Redstone 3 would be released this fall and Redstone 4 would be released March next year.

Before the announcement was made, Microsoft officials said the company has planned to bring two or three feature updates to Windows 10  during the calendar year. In the previous year, the company ended up rolling out only one which is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced in their Office website that they releasing three feature upgrades annually to Office 365 ProPlus. This time, it will do so twice yearly. as the company has been adding fresh features and functionality to Office 365 on a monthly basis.

In addition, Microsoft officials also said today that the company is extending the support period for Windows 10 feature updates and Office 365 ProPlus updates from 12 to 18 months now. With this, it would enable customers to choose to update maybe once or twice a year.

Microsoft also announced that as of October 13, 2020, Office 365 ProPlus will be the only fully featured, most up-to-date client that would connect to Office 365 users. Any users of perpetual Office apps and clients will not get all the features at the time it would be available to Office 365 ProPlus users.

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