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Samsung Says Their Software Update Will Fix Galaxy S8’s Red-Tinted Screen; If Fails, Will Replace Smartphones Instead

Apr 24, 2017 11:26 AM EDT


Samsung Galaxy S8 users are having quite a blast with their new smartphone. Yet, it was reported that some users from South Korea that had pre-ordered the flagship smartphone had found their screen to be reddish than the usual Samsung smartphones.

According to The Next Web, some people who pre-ordered their Samsung Galaxy S8 discovered that their smartphone has a reddish hue on its screen. People who have the issue with their S8 which were mostly from South Korea posted images of their smartphones’ red tinted screen in the social media. Samsung then denied that there aren’t any problems with the hardware of the handset as some theorized that the issue raised from Samsung’s AMOLED hardware.

The South Korean company then mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S8’s problem was just in its software calibration. It was then advised by the South Korean company to adjust the color balance of the smartphone through Settings > Display > Screen Mode > Color Balance. Yet, some people were still posting on the web that amid switching the red color hue to its lowest setting, nothing happened.

"Samsung... has decided to release a software update starting from this week which will provide consumers with a further enhanced ability to adjust the color setting to their preference," Samsung released in a statement. If Samsung fails to do so, it was mentioned that the company would replace affected Samsung Galaxy S8 units with new ones instead per Pocket Lint.

The publication also pointed out that this is the first time Samsung used the "Deep Red" OLED technology on their Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. It was then speculated to be the reason for the red tinted screen. Nonetheless, Samsung doesn’t want another Note 7 fiasco anymore, so they decide to face the issue head on.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 software update’s release date wasn’t disclosed by the company. But it was mentioned that the update to allow users “fine-tune” their smartphone’s color balance would likely be launched next week. An additional update was also mentioned to be released “at the end of April” as well.

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