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Hands Disabled Due To Stroke Can Regain Sensitivity With This Treatment Method

Apr 25, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

Disabled men receive "bionic" hands
(Photo : Youtube/AP Archive) Three Austrian men became the first patients to undergo a bionic reconstruction of their hands.

Bionic reconstruction has been well known as one of the potential trends of research. But the method becoming more useful to nerve repairing is just an incredible latest development attributed to it. More than a million of people of the United States suffer from various types of limb dislocation. Among these, the cases, which are merely caused due to some diseases or injury, have seen enormous kinds of prostheses driven replacements.

But for those, who suffer a functionality loss of healthy arms due to some nerve failures, have not witnessed any major solutions by prosthesis treatments. Perhaps, their disappointment would be fully solved with a new technique developed by a group surgeons from Vienna.

According to Journal of Neurosurgery, Chief Surgeon Laura Hruby with her colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria innovated a bionic reconstruction of arms affected by nerve damages, which can apparently replace the deactivated hand with an active one. For the purpose, the team applied this 16 patients whose arms were damaged or even went out of sensation due to some nerve issues. The patients went through a nonessential amputation of the deactivated hands. This was done to make the proper placement of the appropriate prosthesis.

As per a report by Scientific American, in the process, the surgeons majorly focused on to the patients' brachial plexus and the cluster of nerves which are responsible for the control of arms, shoulders, and hands. To describe the technique, Hruby stated: "Bionic hand reconstruction in patients with brachial plexus lesions, in whom classic primary and secondary reconstructions have failed, gives hope to patients who have lived without hand function for years or even decades."

The method witness an unbelievable success as the majority of the patients claimed that their affected hands regained sensitivity. Also, they were relieved from severe and spontaneous arm pain due to nerve damage. This innovation showcased new path for curing nerves blocked due to strokes.

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