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Researchers Discover Specific IFNL Protein Responsible For Liver Disease

Apr 25, 2017 02:13 PM EDT


Researchers have recently discovered the IFNL protein that is responsible for the liver fibrosis and creates a great breakthrough in treating liver disease. Arena of medical science achieves another milestone.

According to Medianet, Professor Jacob George and the Doctor Mohammed Eslam at the popular Westmead Institute for Medical Research have recently recognized IFNL protein. They have pointed out that the interferon lambda 3 (IFNL 3) protein is the key cause of the liver tissue damage. Previously, both the researchers revealed the chromosome 19 that exists in the middle of the IFNL 3 gene and the IFNL 4 gene.

The chromosome 19 is the key shelter of the genetic variations that are related to the liver fibrosis. Now the researchers collected 2000 patients' liver samples who are suffering from Hepatitis C. Their key aim is to identify the IFNL protein that led to the liver fibrosis.

The researchers applied latest analysis process to determine the exact IFNL protein. The study is available in the popular journal Nature Genetics. It is quite clear that the increasing secretion of the IFNL 3 is the key cause of the liver damage.

Professor Jacob George opines that this discovery will help to foresee the risk of the liver disease in an individual. This creates an opportunity for timely intervention. Liver disease is considered one of the most common reasons of death in Australia and 6 million people are suffering from it in the continent. Now the recent revelation of the IFNL protein by the researchers must provide the fittest answer in treating the said disease.

Treatment of the liver disease is quite expensive, so the researchers have invented a diagnostic tool. This tool is very helpful to determine a patient's risk factor regarding the liver fibrosis. In a word, the test can tell whether a person is approaching to become a victim of the liver disease or not. Even it can also point out the current progress of the liver problems in a man due to the activity of the IFNL protein.

Professor George says the discovery will surely play a significant role in decreasing the liver problems in the coming days. Doctor Mohammed Eslam, another important author of the study, utters the findings will initiate chances of the proper therapeutic treatments to cure the liver disease. He stresses on the necessity of a safe and secure pharmacological therapy to prevent the liver damage. Now it is undeniable that the discovery of the specific IFNL protein by the researchers raises hope for many people.

Currently, no proper treatment is available to cure the advanced fibrosis and only liver transplantation is the sole alternative of the liver failure. The identification of the IFNL protein unveils several opportunities towards developing proper treatments of the patients. Researchers play a truly praiseworthy role.

So liver fibrosis can now have the healing touch in the coming days. No doubt the discovery helps to understand the human biology more efficiently than before. It also creates a chance to analyze further the mechanism of the IFNL protein. In a word, the researchers have played a pioneering role in the modern medical science.

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