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AMD Vega Launching Within Two Months: Officially Confirmed

Apr 26, 2017 09:11 AM EDT

(Photo : YouTube/ Linus Tech Tips) Thanks to AMD for sponsoring this video from CES 2017! Learn more about Radeon Vega

AMD has been long thought to create wonders with its next GPU flagship named Vega. But until now, there was no certain news about its official launch. Earlier the company had set the release of AMD Vega by the end of second quarter of this year. But now what came up as a more impressive take that AMD reaffirmed that the next-gen GPU will launch by the end of this upcoming two months.

According to KitGuru, the performance level of AMD Vega was earlier showcased in February 2017 with superlative titles like DOOM and Star Wars: Battlefront. Later, AMD also acknowledged and confirmed the RX Vega nomenclature in March this year. The expected specs and features of the graphics masterpiece were also revealed some time back. The report suggests that AMD Vega GPU will be released in two initial variants power packed with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) for ensuring better running capability of VR contents. The primary variant would be of 4 GB memory support and the higher-end one will be of 8 GB. AMD just now revealed the estimated timeline for the official debut of AMD Vega.

As per a report by Droid Report, the insight came directly from the official facebook handle of AMD's Poland division. On the reply to a fan's query: 'when will Vega be ready?', AMD officials responded by saying: 'when it is ready... and it will be this quarter.' This quarter is going to end by June, which is just 2 months away from now. So, the gaming fans and high-end resolution based creators can now expect to see AMD Vega GPU sometime by the next 60 days, if there is no unexpected delay from the company's end.

AMD Vega is expected to launch with a force that can overpower major GPUs in the market. It is also said to give a tough competition to Nvidia's 1080Ti cards. Also, as per the company's latest trend, AMD is also expected to price tag Vega GPU at a very low cost other than its major rivals. A particular release date for the same is still awaited.

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