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AMD Ryzen: Acer Is The First OEM For Prebuilt Ryzen Desktops

Apr 28, 2017 12:36 PM EDT

Hector Ruiz, ex-CEO of AMD
(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty images) AMD ex-Chairman & CEO Hector Ruiz (L) talks with Dell Chairman of the Board Michael Dell (R) during a keynote address in San Francisco, California.

Acer has become one of the first manufacturers to offer prebuilt desktop computers with AMD's latest Ryzen processor chips onboard. AMD for a long time has been pretty silent in the competition and the introduction of Ryzen has given a bit of relief for the majority of PC enthusiasts.

The gaming industry saw the news as a bit of a surprise since no major manufacturer had come out with prebuilt PCs running on AMD Ryzen chipsets. The announcement at Acer's event in New York was a very quiet affair and their latest product didn't get any exposure on stage.

The premium segment R7 chips will mainly consist of the octa-core R7 1700/1700x while the R5 chips offered are the octa-core R5 1600 and the quad-core R5 1400 processors as per reports from PCWorld.  Acer's Aspire GX-281 will be the first models from the manufacturer to support AMD Ryzen chips like the R7 and the budget-end R5 chips that can be configured as per computing needs of a customer.

Most of the pre-built units don't opt for a higher end motherboard to balance cost-to-performance and hence a B350 chipset motherboard might be the most common choice for any OEM using the  AM4 architecture. Meanwhile, another report from Tom's Hardware also indicates that Acer hasn't revealed any more details about their upcoming AMD Ryzen-based prebuilt desktops.

Graphical needs will be taken care of AMD's latest generation Polaris cards like the RX480 and the newly released RX580 chip that's expected to be implemented in the new desktops from Acer. While AMD Ryzen has exceeded user expectations by a significant margin, AMD fans are also hoping for the manufacturer to release their Vega lineup of graphic cards to match their newly bought AMD Ryzen processors.

All the models will be concentrating on achieving better performance capable of handling graphics intensive tasks while also serving the everyday entertainment and video gaming. The report also mentioned that Acer plans to release their new AMD Ryzen based desktops sometime in May this year.

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