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Google Assistant SDK Allows People To Experience Google Assistant On Any Device, Poised To Compete With Amazon’s Alexa

Apr 28, 2017 12:44 PM EDT

Google had recently launched its Google Assistant SDK which is set to compete with Amazon's Alexa.
Google Assistant's SDK enables developers to integrate the AI to their hardware.

Google had just launched its developer preview of its new Google Assistant SDK. The device doesn’t cater consumers that much but developers instead. Developers are stated to now be allowed to integrate Google Assistant through the use of SDK.

According to  NDTV, Google Assistant SDK aims to let developers create their own hardware or gadgets with the aid of the device. The company then mentioned that the process that developers would go through is similar to that of phone makers.

The Google Assistant SDK was described to include a “gRPC API, a Python open source client that handles authentication and access to the API, samples, and documentation.” Hence, the device allows users speak to the SDK and then transfers it to the device that has Google Assistant. The user is then set to receive an audio response.

Furthermore, Chris Ramsdale, a product manager for Google Assistant stated that developers could access Google Assistant through RDK without paying any license fee. Aside from the developer preview of SDK, Google also mentioned that they will make commercialization capabilities, guidelines, and technologies in due time per The Verge.

The top search engine company then mentioned that SDK encourages developers to build hardware with its help in integrating Google Assistant. Google then mentioned that the SDK is fit for people who wants to build their hardware prototypes. The company also aims to integrate Google Assistant to phones, watches, TVs, cars, mirrors and other gadgets.

“Conversation” and “Direct” Actions were also made possible for users to submit them to Google for review. It was then concluded by the California-based company that that SDK is available on other platforms as long as it fits the basic requirements. However, others said that the device is still far from Amazon’s Alexa. Nonetheless, Android Auto and Android TV was identified to receive Google’s Assistant soon.

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