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Windows 10 Creators Update: Hidden Themes Revealed, But Microsoft Halts Installing The Update Manually

Apr 28, 2017 02:58 PM EDT

Microsoft had just announced its Windows 10 Creators Update and some users are experiencing issues.
(Photo : Stephen Lam/Getty Images) Microsoft set up a block to the PCs that have experience the Bluetooth connectivity issue so no more would experience the bug.

Two weeks had just passed since Microsoft released its Windows 10 Creators Update. As some are eager to install it manually, the update seems to have some bugs. Fortunately, Microsoft has the issue under control.

According to Independent, Microsoft decided to roll the Windows 10 Creators Update slowly. Yet, some PC users are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problem with computers using specific series of Broadcom radios. Microsoft then handled the issue by blocking some functions of those PCs.

“Blocking availability of the Windows 10 Creators Update to devices we know will experience issues is a key aspect of our controlled rollout approach. We decide what to block based on user impact, and blocking issues are a high priority for us to address as quickly as possible,” John Cable, Microsoft’s director of program management for Windows servicing and delivery stated.

Microsoft wants no more people to be exposed to that kind of issue that’s why they establish to block the manual installment of Windows 10 Creators Update. Nonetheless, some Microsoft devices like the Surface Book was mentioned to have the update installed automatically since it is better equipped.

Users still installing it manually was stated to be worrisome since Microsoft didn’t offer it to them automatically. The U.S.-based company then advised that users should just wait for their device to automatically receive the Windows 10 Creators Update notification in order to ensure no issues.

Meanwhile, PC World instructed simple ways to unlock the hidden themes on the Windows 10 Creators Update. It was then noted that 175 preset themes were made available through the Store. Yet, the process is difficult since it only pops up random things.

The publication then identified that a Windows 10 Creators Update user should select the Settings > Cog icon on the left corner of the menu > Personalization > Themes. Afterward, under the subheading “Apply a theme,” more themes would be displayed on the Get more themes in the Store option.

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