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Blackberry KeyOne Compared to Samsung Galaxy S8

May 01, 2017 01:41 PM EDT


Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry is all but trying to regain their presence in the Android ecosystem with various releases for a couple of years now. Their upcoming device is the Blackberry KeyOne, a smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard with a fingerprint sensor onboard.

Blackberry KeyOne might be their last and final device into the markets since they haven't been doing that well with sales and popularity. Going into more details about the Blackberry KeyOne, the phone is expected to be sold in the North American continent on May. 31. There will be carrier specific deals including a launch by Sprint in the summer.

According to a report from Engadget, a fully unlocked phone will be sold at a price of $549. Even if the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone costs about a couple hundred dollars more, it definitely offers a better set of features than Blackberry's own upcoming device.

Going into the key specifics, a comparison of both the models from GSMArena reveals the primary difference between the two. The processor on the Galaxy S8 is clearly better than the Blackberry KeyOne by a huge margin. While the Blackberry KeyOne is now equipped with a fingerprint sensor for security and unlocking the device, its competitor offers more ways to secure a smartphone.

The Blackberry KeyOne comes with 32GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM with an option to insert a microSD card that supports up to a size of 256GB. Meanwhile, the internal storage on the Galaxy S8 smartphone is exactly doubled, also with an option to opt for external storage. That said, the display on the Galaxy S8 is clearly better with a 2960x1440 resolution while the Blackberry device comes with a display of 1620x1080.

Both Blackberry KeyOne and Galaxy S8 smartphone supports fast battery charging, a USB Type-C 3.1 port etc. The battery on the KeyOne is excellent with a capacity of 3505mAh considering its native resolution. While there is a significant compromise in better hardware due to its selling price, it's no doubt an excellent option for users who like Blackberry devices. 


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