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Human Brain Functioning Shows One Handed People Have Areas Of Brain Organized By Functions

May 02, 2017 05:46 PM EDT


A mind blowing discovery has been made about the way the human brain works. A study was done on people with one hand and their brain functioning shows that one handed people have areas of the brain organized by functions rather than individual body parts. This new finding is considered to be a great change of the whole concept for understanding how the brain works and treat brain injuries.

According to Daily Mail, the research study was done by Tamar Makin and her colleagues of the University College London, United Kingdom. The study regarding the human brain of one handed people has been published in journal Current Biology on 20 April 2017. "It is being planned to put the results in the context of taking the hand area, not as the hand area, of the person but just the part of the brain in charge of function normally carried out by that hand," Tamar said.

Various scans were done on people born with one hand revealed that the areas of the brain typically missing hand are taken over by other parts of the body. Whether it's the foot, arm, limbs etc. it seems to fill in for the missing hand. In other words, the human brain has specific areas for different functions but different sections of the brain could be responsible for many functions.

Science Alert reported that this revelation could prompt a fundamental shift in understanding of the human brain and its functions. Researchers revealed that when one hander's use something to replace their missing hand in a task like a foot or an elbow etc. that body part lit up the same part of the brain as the missing hand would in a two-handed person.

This new organization theory could eventually help the scientists understand how the human brain compensates the loss of a limb, and improve prosthetic replacements which could be attached to the right part of the brain and controlled by the human mind. Tamar Makin also said that neuroscientists could use this process, which could prove to be a really powerful tool for better healthcare and society.

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