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T-Mobile 5G Spectrum Will Be Launched By 2020 Using 600 mHz Bandwidth

May 04, 2017 03:05 PM EDT

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(Photo : T-Mobile / YouTube) T-Mobile CEO John Legere Announces Nationwide Mobile 5G Strategy

Recently, the famous mobile network carrier T-Mobile has announced that they will launch their 5G carrier nationwide by the year 2020. They will begin to spread the T-Mobile 5G spectrum roll out by the end of 2019 and may finish by 2020.

As reported by The Verge, T-mobile has announced that they might use their recently acquired (in $8 Billion) 600 MHz spectrum. Also, this will have access to the airwaves which will be an added advantage for this T-Mobile 5G spectrum.

According to the company, this T-Mobile 5G spectrum network is different from that of their competitors like Verizon and AT&T who claims to focus on short range and millimeter wave technology. These carriers get frequency in 30 to 300 MHz. This frequency is enough to avoid the surrounding interface of signals but can't pass the solid walls and or concretes or the tree leaves. This is way different from the longer range and lower frequency 600 MHz spectrum used by T-mobile.

This is also reported by Digital Trends that the T-Mobile 5G spectrum can't deliver the speed like its other competitors. But surely it can cover the broader area of the country and the plus point is this spectrum will have access to the airwaves. "We expect to see a whole class of new applications and solutions that will be built for nationwide 5G," The Chief Technology Office of T-Mobile, Nevile Ray said. As per his assumptions, the 5G's low latency can help the self-driving cars. Also, the virtual reality will also be benefitted with this spectrum.

Another report suggests that AT&T in bringing DirecTV via 5G network to its customers. So, the evaluation of the 5G has started. With the announcement of T-mobile 5G spectrum, this is assured that the carrier is putting all their efforts to make it happen by the year 2020. Let's hope we can experience the first true 5G network in that upcoming year.

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