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AT&T Brings Android Nougat Into Samsung Galaxy S6 Devices

May 04, 2017 03:43 PM EDT


AT&T has rolled out an update that brings Android Nougat on the Galaxy S6 smartphone family. The most recent device to be updated from the cell carrier was the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The website from the provider has listed the Galaxy S6 smartphones while the Galaxy S6 Active is still running Marshmallow OS.

As noted from Android Headlines, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 users have reported about their devices received updates to Android Nougat OS. All the phones run on the same system with key differences being in the hardware itself. A major bonus to S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus users is the addition of the edge apps which will ease the operations on the device.

On top of Android Nougat, Samsung has skinned the UI on the Galaxy S6 with a version of their own skin called 'Samsung experience'. The new update is massive in size with details available from Android Authority revealing it to be around 1.2-.3 GB. Hence it's recommended to download the updates OTA when the device is connected to Wi-Fi only.  

The report also mentioned that the new update on the Galaxy S6 will have the following build: NRD90M.GxxAUCU6EQCF in which, the first letter indicates the new operating system. The new update also comes bundled with Google's latest security patches and minor bug fixes for the month of April. The new update for AT&T comes after a long time since many of their competitors have already rolled out the new update for some of their devices long time back.

The Galaxy S6 family is the previous generation of Samsung's flagship devices which were the second variants to feature the edge bar on the premium variant. Released in 2015, the smartphone was equipped with an Exynos chip alongside 3GB RAM and storage capacities of 32,64 and 128GB respectively.

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