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OnePlus CEO Teases Their Upcoming OnePlus 5 Smartphone

May 03, 2017 10:22 AM EDT


OnePlus, the Shenzhen-based smartphone giant, primarily relying on the previous success of all their smartphones throughout the years will now bring out another device into the markets this year. The OnePlus 5 or so will it be called, as is expected to be a flagship device from the manufacturer for 2017.

The OnePlus 3T seems to be the successor to the OnePlus 3 but with the same naming scheme likely due to the fact that number '4' is considered as an unlucky for the Chinese and hence the specific number has been likely skipped. A post on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo indirectly revealed the new OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Reports from GSMArena mention that OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has reblogged the same post almost confirming the arrival of the new OnePlus 5 smartphone to the markets. While the actual post doesn't reveal the specifics of the smartphones, it's very likely that it was targeted at users to get hyped about their upcoming smartphone.

Taking a look at their release schedule for a previous couple of years, OnePlus has followed a pattern of bringing out their devices in the month of June and July. Hence, it makes perfect sense that the OnePlus 5 smartphone too will follow suit. The CEO, however, has decided to stay silent on the device specifications throwing doors open for further rumors and speculations.

Meanwhile, details from Cnet hint that the OnePlus 5 smartphone will have dual cameras at the back of the smartphone, a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440p and 3000mAh powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm. It is mentioned that the specifications have been deduced from a Chinese website.

The image from their post on Weibo displays workers working on gears while sitting inside the casing of what looks like the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone followed by their company tagline "#NeverSettle".

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