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AMD Radeon Vega Specifications Leaked From a Linux Patch

May 04, 2017 04:14 PM EDT

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AMD's upcoming Radeon Vega graphics chip is expected to be unveiled anytime soon. During their quarterly financial report, their CEO has stressed that their new graphics lineup will be unveiled within the coming two months. The company also released their new lineup of desktop processors in the last couple of months.

Radeon Vega has been the most anticipated hardware for gamers especially since Nvidia has already introduced their current generation flagship cards like the GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp, which were released recently during the same time AMD announced their Ryzen processors. At the moment, there's only a single benchmark available on the internet where a prototype card was tested with a Ryzen Processor onboard.

The benchmarks result reveal the Radeon Vega prototype card to be on par with the existing GTX 1070 graphics from Nvidia. According to reports from Game Debate, the new chips will be doubled in specifications while compared to the existing Polaris RX480 graphics chip. Details from the report revealed the new cards will have 12.5TFLOPS.

For comparison, the existing GTX 1080 Ti offers 11.3 TFLOPS according to the report likely hinting that the flagship Radeon Vega cards can directly take on the new Nvidia products. The new cards will also have 256 TMUs (texture mapping units) alongside 2048-bit memory interface in an HBM2 architecture with 8GB of VRAM. Meanwhile, another report from KitGuru speculates the launch date for the new Radeon Vega cards to be sometime around Computex 2017 event that takes place in the month of May this year.  

While there are various reports alleging that the new graphics from AMD to not really give Nvidia a competition, it's only a matter of time until the actual benchmarks are made public along with the price. For the moment, the card on the test bench seems to have performed excellently in different benchmarks like Time Spy from 3DMark. The test bench as aforementioned had been equipped with the Ryzen R7 1800x processor from AMD.


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