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World’s Biggest Volcanoes in Hawaii Create Attention As Scientists Discover The Key Reason Behind Their Formation

May 04, 2017 01:49 PM EDT


A new study discovers the key reasons responsible for the creation of the world's biggest volcanoes in Hawaii. A great breakthrough by the researchers of The Australian National University.

For a long time, scientists around the world are trying hard to discover the mystery behind the creation of the volcanoes. According to Phys.org, recently a team of researchers at The Australian National University finally solved the mystery that is 168-year-old. They revealed how the world's biggest volcanoes were formed in Hawaii.

According to the study, a major shift in the direction of the Pacific Plate is responsible for the formation of the world's biggest volcanoes. This incident took place almost three million years ago. Tim Jones, the lead researcher from The Australian National University or ANU, utters significantly about this fact.

Tim Jones reveals that since 1849 scientists knew about the twin volcanic tracks, but the actual cause behind them was a great mystery until now. This new discovery helps a lot to reconstruct the history of Earth to know properly about the world's biggest volcanoes. Even it helps to understand the world and an important part of it that has already captured people's imagination.

Previous analysis of the motions of the Pacific Plates reveals that a significant change in the motion happened almost three million years ago. This analysis clearly explains the origin of the famous tourist destination Hawaii. Hawaii is the biggest volcanic hotspot because it harbors world's biggest volcanoes.

The above-mentioned twin volcanic tracks also exist in the other parts of the Pacific that include Samoa. Interestingly, the new research study unveiled that these tracks also appeared three million years ago. In a word, the study tried to point out the real cause behind the formation of the world's biggest volcanoes in Hawaii. Nature reported the key fact.

The Heat coming out from the earth's core creates abnormally hot rocks or mantle plumes that rise under the tectonic plates, Tim Jones stated. This process ultimately produces the volcanic activity on earth. These mantle plumes are responsible for creating diamonds, separation of the continents and many other activities. That means eruption of the world's biggest volcanoes is related to many important activities.

Now the disappearance of the existing alignment between the mantle plume and the plate was responsible for the emergence of the twin volcanic tracks. A major shift in the plate's direction is the key reason behind this situation. Dr. Rhodri Davies, the co-researcher, predicts future realignment between the plume and the plate and the merging of the tracks to form a single one. That means world's biggest volcanoes may experience some important changes in the coming days.

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