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Wolves Appear In Denmark Once Again After A Long Gap Of 200 Years

May 05, 2017 03:02 AM EDT


After a long gap of 200 years, wolves have finally returned to Denmark. An interesting incident that surprises all and increases the enthusiasm among the zoologists.

According to The Telegraph, at least five wolves that include four males and one female have come from another European country Germany. These predators settle in the agricultural region of the western Denmark. A zoologist who has already obtained the DNA evidence reveals that the current existence of the animals is visible after a gap of two centuries.

Peter Sunde, a scientist at the University of Aarhus, utters significantly about these animals. It is believed that the wolves have crossed more than 310 miles or 500 km to enter into Denmark, scientist Peter Sunde reported. The researcher said that most probably these predators are rejected by their families who are in search for the new hunting grounds.

A current genetic profile is established by the scientists from these five predators' faces. So far they have created the profile from one female and four males, though chances are still alive about the existence of more numbers. Researchers had earlier suspected about the presence of wolves since 2012 in Denmark, and now they have got the evidence.

According to Newsweek, Peter Sunde reveals that before 2012 a wolf was last sighted in 1813. An estimation showed that 47 reproducing family groups of this species were present in Europe in 2016. High adaptability is a key feature of the young wolves and currently, they are dispersing into Denmark and Northern Germany.

Constant video surveillance and the fingerprints of the wolves indicate their location. But, the scientists are not ready to reveal those locations in order to protect them from the clutches of hunters. If the location is exposed, then there is an obvious chance that hunters may find them. So currently, Denmark is a safe destination for these five predators.

Henrik Hagen Olesen, the spokesman of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, says protection is necessary for these wolves. He utters that no one is allowed to hunt these animals. Rapid extermination by the hunters ultimately made these predators completely extinct in the said Scandinavian country.

It was the early phase of the nineteenth century when visibility of the wolves was completely gone. Thanks to these new intruders from Germany who have created a new hope for the zoologists in Denmark. It is a great opportunity for them to explore many important facts about this species.

There is a list of Nordic countries, where wolf population is very high. After the Bern Convention, a fierce debate is going on about the culling of this species. Currently, wolves are very precious animals as they play a significant role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Protection of this species is the current need of the hour.

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