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HTC’s Sapphire Screen U Ultra Is A Scratch-Proof Smartphone: Features Screen With Level-9 Mohs Hardness

May 05, 2017 03:02 PM EDT

HTC U Ultra Sapphire Blue Unboxing, Impressions and Size Comparisons!
(Photo : Jeff Springer/ You Tube Screenshot) HTC is selling the Sapphire edition HTC U Ultra in some parts of Europe starting April 18.

HTC introduced the Sapphire Edition HTC U Ultra in Taiwan just a month ago. Presently, the said exclusive release mobile phone is anticipated to hit Europe in a couple days. Contrary to the normal HTC U Ultra, the sapphire version brags of a screen with level-9 Mohs hardness.

This is for all intents and purposes why the said mobile phone is more costly than the normal model. It is important that the regular release HTC U Ultra has only got 64 GB native storage and is just estimated at €699 or $750 in USD. The sapphire model, then again, has 128 GB worth of native storage and is estimated at €849, or around $900 in USD.

The sapphire material used as a part of the especial model is said to be the same sturdy material that is mostly used in costly watches because of its intense resistance to scratches. However, aside from the storage amount and screen durability of HTC U Ultra, the two variations are essentially the same, Phone Arena detailed.

The HTC U Ultra has a 5.7-inch display with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. There is also a 2.05-inch secondary display with a 160 x 1040 pixel resolution, GSM Arena announced. The HTC U Ultra runs Android Nougat from the box and is fueled by Snapdragon 821. There is a 12 MP rear camera and a 16 MP front camera too. Its fingerprint sensor is front-mounted and its battery size is 3000 mAh.

In addition to other things, the HTC U Ultra is furnished with Quick Charge 3.0 ability and is accessible in four colors. With respect to the accessibility specifics of the said mobile phone, it was said that pre-orders of the HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition are as of now going ahead in Germany and Switzerland. The mobile phone will then be made accessible on April 18 in the said nations. It is also anticipated that the Sapphire HTC U Ultra will also touch base in more European nations in the coming weeks.

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