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Climate Change: Temperature Spikes, Greenhouse Gasses Rise, More Global Warming Effect

May 06, 2017 09:22 AM EDT

The Rapid Melting of Glaciers Caused by Climate Change
(Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Climate Change: Temperature Spikes, Greenhouse Gasses Rise, More Global Warming Effect

Climate change will surely bring the increase in temperature throughout the planet. February 2017 was the second warmest in recorded history since 1880. Temperature spikes will mean warm climate that will need cooling aids to bring it down. Cooling appliances like air conditioning, electric fans, evaporative cooling systems, and other equipment are in full usage to counter the spike.

In the event of temperature spikes due to climate change, the population would need more power to compensate the demand of electrical equipment curbing the heat in industry, residences and business establishments. The energy that is a delivery task for Solar, Wind, and Water. These renewable sources could not sustain the requirement to supply to the multitude as of now. Power plants that operate on fossil fuel and coal, not to mention nuclear reactors, have to be in active operation. These are domino effects put in motion by climate change.

Even the old and inefficient ones that produce more CO2 emissions has to be put on activation mode. This is the reason when temperature spikes, greenhouse gasses emissions rise, more global warming effect, and the cycle goes on and on until there will be nothing left in the world to look forward to, as reported by Scientific American News.

According to a Deep Future report, this is not a good sign for the world. Very hot summer days are the worst time for greenhouse gasses increased emission. In a study of the Environmental Science and Technology, every pollutant spewed into the air spells formation of ozone and this chemical adds more problems to pollution, reports United Concerned Scientists, USA.

This summer would mean an increase in payments of electrical bills. This raise equates to more power being delivered by Electrical Energy Providers and more carbon footprint in the process. The effects of climate change are here with temperature spikes, more CO2 emissions with global warming doing its damage.

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