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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Surprise Fans In Shanghai On May 23

May 07, 2017 02:17 AM EDT


Updates on Microsoft Surface Pro 5 had been quite silent lately. Will the May 23rd Microsoft event in Shanghai launch the tablet?

Microsoft confirmed the company's coming event on May 23 in Shanghai. The Verge reported that Microsoft will be "showing the world what's next" before the month end. The announcement had opened speculations that it might be the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 which fans have been waiting for since last year.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft had already sent invitations for the coming event. However, it makes a difference this time for Microsoft had issued invitations through an Instagram post by Microsoft's hardware chief Panos Panay using the hashtag "Surface."

Microsoft had invited its major consumers and business enterprise partners for the event. This further strengthens the speculation that Microsoft might show off the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 on the 23rd of May or either announce major updates or a new Surface tablet.

But, as previous reports claim there would be no major improvement on the much-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 compared to its predecessor. Still, despite the negative updates on the 2-in-1 hybrid tablet, its fans still hope that the mystery tablet would at least meet some of their expectations.

On the contrary, it would be ironic that Microsoft might launch the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 a few days after the release of its recent Surface laptop. The Surface laptop has a reasonable price of $999 to compete with the Macbook from Apple. But, with the 26% fluctuated sales of Microsoft on its Surface products, it's not possible to launch the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in the same month.

Even though at the meantime, everything is just speculation and it's still unknown whether or not Microsoft would surprise its fans at the event, what's important is there's still hope. Besides, the much-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 tablet is what Microsoft's last resort to lifting its Surface sales again.

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