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Blackberry Rolls Out May Security Updates For Its Smartphones

May 09, 2017 11:40 AM EDT


Blackberry has rolled out monthly updates to their devices like the Blackberry Priv, which is the current flagship device, initially launched with Android 5.1.1 out of the box. The new monthly update is on the way to their other existing Android devices on the market. The manufacturer has completely stopped manufacturing smartphones and has instead assigned it to Chinese firm TCL.

Reports from the Phone Arena indicates Blackberry is the first non-Google OEM to bring out the new monthly security updates to their smartphones. The new patch includes some bug fixes and key security updates for all recent devices. Google in 2015 promised OTA updates every month and has successfully managed to fulfill it. It is also reported that smartphones like the DTEK50/DTEK60 have already begun receiving the updates.

Meanwhile, another report from GSMArena mentions the update is currently live on all Blackberry devices purchased directly from the Canadian manufacturer. All other carrier-specific devices will instead rely on the provider to roll out updates for eligible models. Apart from the vulnerabilities patched by Google, reports reveal Blackberry too has addressed some key concerns and security loopholes reported by researchers and users.

Blackberry recently came out with the Blackberry KeyOne smartphone that offers a QWERTY keypad with a 4.5-inch touchscreen display on the top. A fingerprint sensor has been embedded to the spacebar of the keypad serving as an authenticator to the device. The company has seen a substantial decline in their smartphones sold in the markets currently.

On one hand, reports believe it to be due to aggressive product pricing while others are of the opinion that competitors are offering much better feature smartphones at comparative lesser costs. Blackberry has also won a lawsuit that they had filed against Qualcomm, for overpaid royalties costing the mobile chip maker a sum of $815 million. However, both of them has vowed to work together in the future.


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