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Samsung Provides Keyboard Cover For Galaxy S8: A Physical Keyboard For Those Who Need It

May 08, 2017 01:50 PM EDT


For users who have been tired of using touch screen keyboard, Samsung provides a detachable physical keyboard. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is designed as a protective cover that allows users to type conveniently with the physical keyboard when they need it.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover provides a standard cover protection with additional functionality as mechanical QWERTY keyboard. As a mechanical keyboard, the keyboard cover does not require pairing or separate battery to work. Users can just simply clip in the keyboard in the front of the Galaxy S8 and it works like charm.

Samsung said that the screen interface of the Galaxy S8 will adjust automatically when the keyboard was inserted. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is made with molded polycarbonate shells to give additional protection for the Galaxy S8. The standard protective cover also included with the keyboard cover, and Samsung sold its Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover for $59.99.

Users can also store the keyboard on the back side of the protective cover when the keyboard are not in use. According to ZDNet product reviewer for smartphone and cell phones, Matthew Miller, the South Korean electronic giant appeases users who still want the feel of the physical keyboard with this Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover. The keyboard gives a nice tactile feedback when users type in the key, and it also gives an audible element when the key is pressed.

One interesting question with this Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is how it works. As there is no battery nor any WiFi or Bluetooth connection, it is still unknown how the keyboard connected with the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, Samsung calls the keyboard as a mechanical keyboard, which possibly means it works with some kind of mechanized tools like proximity sensors or other technology. Watch the review of Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover below:

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