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SpaceX Plans To Build Space-based High-Speed Internet

May 09, 2017 01:46 AM EDT

SpaceX Plans To Build High-Speed Internet In Space
(Photo : United News International/YouTube) SpaceX Plans To Build High-Speed Internet In Space

SpaceX sees the substantial demand for high-speed broadband all over the globe. Elon Musk sees the opportunity for a global internet business.

SpaceX and Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed his plans for a high-speed internet in 2019, The Verge reported. Aside from his bunch of plans like reusing SpaceX rockets, colonizing Mars, building an Interplanetary Transport System, and revolutionizing transportation, now it's the internet for a worldwide broadband access.

According to Phys.org, SpaceX plans to build an internet-based high-speed internet through deploying a "constellation" of satellites that will provide internet connection. The plan was confirmed when SpaceX filed an application to the Federal Communications Commission or FCC to use non-geostationary satellites or NGS. This plan will precisely become the future of telecommunications all over the globe.

Satellite Government Affairs for SpaceX, Ms. Patricia Cooper stated her personal support for the company's vision. "SpaceX sees substantial demand for high-speed broadband not only in the United States but worldwide. Millions of Americans living in the urban areas with lack of basic and reliable internet access will be the major beneficiaries of the plan."

Assuming the tests and costs, SpaceX plans to start building the entire network properly in 2019. This will be followed by launching of the additional satellite in a method of phases until the year 2024. By this year, Cooper said that it should reach full capacity with the help of the company's own SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets to get the satellites into space.

Furthermore, Cooper exclaimed that SpaceX would need to put 4,425 satellites into the Earth's orbit. Plus, SpaceX will have its own gateway stations, ground control centers, and Earth-based facilities.

At the moment, the Earth has an estimated 1,459 satellites, so SpaceX would need to triple the number of satellites for the realization of its space-based high-speed internet. The plan is expected to bring relatively fast internet connection on Earth without the need to install cables and towers.

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