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Tolerating A Baby Playing A Smartphone Or An iPad Could Lead To Speech Delays

May 09, 2017 03:02 PM EDT

Smart phones may affect the way children think
(Photo : WPBF 25 News / YouTube) Recent studies revealed that high-end devices like smartphones, iPad and other related products might result to speech delay to a baby.

A baby is the most innocent human being that has been created by two loving people. It is an imperative for both parents to take care and give the best attention to them. But latest studies revealed that tolerating them to play high-end devices like a smartphone or an iPad could lead to their speech delays.

In this new era of technology, many smartphone and iPad devices are widespread in the market. It is readily available to people that want a piece of this advanced tools for personal pleasure. Most of the time parents tend to use this technology to comfort their babies whenever it is having its tantrums or letting them to use it if they have household chores to do.

But latest studies discovered that this could be a bad idea for parents letting a baby use these high-end gadgets such as a smartphone or an iPad at an early age. Experts believed that such act might give a huge negative impact on baby development today and in the coming years.

According to The Siasat Daily, allowing a baby play on smartphone, iPad or other related devices may result in speech delays based on recent findings. The study was presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting and has disclosed several remarkable analyses.

Baby and children between six months and two years who is having more time of using handheld screens such as smartphones, iPad tablets, and other related electronic gadget will most likely experience speech delays. The study involves approximately 900 children and the result shows that for every 30-minute increase in daily screen time is equivalent to 49 percent increased risk to a child of having an expressive speech delay, which is using sounds and words.

On a separate report by myfox8.com, the study, however, finds no connection between the handheld devices such as a smartphone or an iPad and other areas of communication that includes gestures, body language and social interaction to a baby. But, a professor of pediatrics asked for a more definitive research to prove the relationship of these high-end devices regarding the baby/child speech delay.

Early proposal to totally ban these handheld devices for kids between the ages of 18 to 24 months never materialize but instead, parents were advice to choose a high-quality program and watch it under their supervision. Parents were also advice to interact more with their children by talking with them or playing with them. The study suggests that it is still safe to keep away a baby from a smartphone or iPad product for now.

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