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Study Reveals The Benefits Of Wine In Neurons

May 10, 2017 01:02 AM EDT


Commonly, wine can cause the variety of harmful effects on a person's health. But, a recent study revealed that moderate wine intake can bring positive effects on neurons.

Medical News Today reported about the newest study showing a very uncommon result on the effects of wine. It is because wine intake over the past years was known for only negative effects. But now, a moderate intake of wine found out that it may benefit the neuron through hindering the possibility of age-related cognitive impairment.

According to Science Daily, researchers have found out compounds in wine are protective against the death of neurons, but it should pass the stomach first. The findings have been researched for several years whether moderate wine intake can be beneficial in diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Dr. Esteban-Fernandez and his team published the recent study in the "Frontiers in Nutrition" journal covering the investigation of wine molecular mechanism. The team originated from the Institute of Food Science Research in Madrid, Spain.

With the team's effort, it has been confirmed that wine compounds prevent neuronal death with the help of gut microbiome. Dr. Esteban-Fernandez's team collected urine and feces of regular and moderately wine drinkers and added its metabolites to human neurons. Furthermore, the team of researchers applied stress on the human cells, letting the condition stimulate to determine if there would be changes in the neurons.

Finally, their study revealed the great contribution of the metabolites from wine to the dying neurons due to stress. Furthermore, the team found out that the metabolites are actively playing at different points preventing the death of neurons.

The team of researchers concluded the importance of metabolites from wine is very crucial in protecting the death of neurons. However, though moderately drinking of wine prevents the death of neurons it is still crucial to have a healthful diet for a healthy brain function.

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