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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Successful First Test Firing [Watch]

May 10, 2017 01:17 AM EDT

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Successful Test Fire
(Photo : mic of orion/YouTube) SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Successful Test Fire

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be set to fly in the next four years. A video revealed that the rocket is ready for its final launch.

The Verge reported that in the next four years, SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched for a space mission. Meanwhile, in a test fire video, the company revealed the Falcon Heavy is a hundred percent ready for its final flight. The test fire was conducted at the test site of SpaceX in McGregor, Texas last week.

The video shows how SpaceX made the Falcon Heavy almost perfect for a great shot on space as its major static fire test video lets the public take an initial view. The video further shows how the booster's engines ignite while the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is on a strapped down position.

According to Ars Technica, the flight schedule of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket would be one of the significant engineering achievements of the company. It is because the rocket is comprised of a technically complex architecture. The Falcon Heavy has three Falcon 9 cores combined with five million pounds thrust and 27 Merlin engines for liftoff.

To recall, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket had earned criticisms due to its complexity, and critics said that they don't expect the Falcon Heavy to have a successful fly or even a test fire. But, the successful test fire video showed SpaceX's big plans for the Falcon Heavy and slammed the criticisms.

Additionally, SpaceX revealed plans of sending two space tourists for a flight around the Moon, by next year. This will be followed by sending unscrewed spacecraft to Mars in 2020 using the SpaceX Falcon Heavy for both missions.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is a souped-up version of the Falcon 9 rocket, and its large capability can carry more than 140,000 pounds to lower Earth orbit and 37,000 pounds to Mars. Elon Musk admitted that it became hard for the company to redesign the center core of the Falcon Heavy, but now, the company's effort worth on the successful test fire of the rocket.

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