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Top 5 Cities That Could Soon Disappear By 2070

May 11, 2017 05:50 AM EDT


The threat of surging sea level has been a major problem in some areas of the world. Also, large coastal cities sinking faster than oceans can rise. Researchers found out that this isn't just the problem that the world is facing now, subsidence is even the huge problem as it will soon let some cities disappear from the map.

First of these cities is the Amsterdam, Holland's largest city the constantly sinking into the North Sea coast. According to a study published in City Metric said that the reason behind this ancient pleat and as of now, the city rises in sea level of 6 feet and by 2070 the city will be at risk.

Alexandria, the Egypt's largest seaport will soon disappear in the map by 2070. According to archeologists, it is difficult to explain why the city continues to sink but other experts believed that tsunami has a big effect why land leveled off.

Due to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans' sea level rose up to 6 feet and a large portion of the city have been below sea level. Experts expected that by 2070 there will be $1 trillion of resources could be at risk if the sea level will climb by just two feet.

The fourth on the list is the world's most populous metropolis and Japan's capital, Tokyo. According to Tofugu, the earthquakes happening in the city caused some parts to sink while it is believed that by 2070 it will disappear in the map if sea level will rise by 2 feet.

Lastly, the Ho Chi Minh City submerged by 0.4 meters as of now. According to statistics, there are 9.2 million people living there and by 2070 if sea level will climb to 2 feet $650 billion resources will disappear. To be more updated with the latest discovery, keep in touch with Science Times.


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