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Cosmetic Companies Now Develop Skin Care Products That Contain Live Bacteria To Treat Several Skin Problems

May 11, 2017 06:04 AM EDT


Cosmetic companies have surprised customers by developing a new product that includes live bacteria, bacteria extracts, and ingredients. They are aiming to treat a set of skin conditions.

According to Chemical & Engineering News, these products can enhance the skin microbe activity. Every year a good number of people suffer from several skin problems from acne to eczema. Skeptics have already warned that this approach of the cosmetic companies needs more study and tests. They question the benefit of placing the live microorganisms on the skin without testing thoroughly.

It is true that scientists are working to understand and explore the bacteria live on the skin and this searching is not yet over. Questions are also raised about the selling of the products that contain live actors because the sale of the "contaminated" products is still forbidden. But, the real fact is cosmetic companies are taking initiatives to develop and design their own microbiome franchises.

The senior correspondent at the C&EN, Marc S. Reisch, utters significantly about this fact. Reisch says that both small and the large cosmetic firms are very interested to know how the microbiome actually affects the skin health. These cosmetic companies are randomly researching the skin bacteria and the active ingredients to promote the helpful microbes in order to discourage the harmful ones.

Phys.org reported that scientists have not yet explored the baseline picture of the healthy skin microbiome. Even the process to achieve a healthy and good bacterial community is not yet revealed. But, the truth is, some cosmetic companies have already managed the marketing of some bacteria-based products.

The concerning fact is the cosmetic companies have marketed their products with limited knowledge about the skin microbiome. Popular Yun Probiotherapy utters that it mainly incorporates the "friendly" bacteria in order to correct the imbalances of the skin microbe. On the other hand, AOBiome has tried to know why horses most of the times roll in the dirt.

They have explored that bacteria present in the dirt help to create compounds that are beneficial to regulate the inflammation. In a word, the bacteria are helpful for skin. Other big cosmetic companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and the famous L'Oreal are also working to develop the microbiome-based products.

For a long time, people have been taught that bacteria are responsible for infections and various illnesses. But popular cosmetic companies' new skin care products that are full of bacteria have truly surprised all. Time is the only indicator to tell whether people are ready to accept these products or not.


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