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Google Pixel 2: Upcoming Smartphone Benchmarks Listed On Geekbench

May 13, 2017 06:51 AM EDT


For some time now, active reports about Google's upcoming Google Pixel 2 smartphone had been dead due to inactivity in the rumor mill. That said, Google will most certainly bring out three smartphones as reported earlier. According to new leaks on the internet, a prototype Google Pixel 2 codenamed 'Taimen' has already been listed on popular benchmarking tool Geekbench.

Google has actively stepped up their manufacturing game by both manufacturing and developing software for the Pixel smartphones all by themselves which wasn't the case previously. Google had been actively partnering with brands like Huawei, LG, and Samsung to bring out their flagship smartphones. While the majority of Google smartphone users were mainly consisting of app developers and people who preferred stock Android over anything else, the situation is entirely different now.

Google is now offering their flagship smartphones with premium components onboard, for a premium price. As reported by  BGR, The Google Pixel 2 codenamed Taimen has been in the limelight yet again when a Geekbench report actively displayed the scores for the upcoming Google smartphone from the Mountain View giants. The prototype device is seen running the next generation of Android O operating system.

Other details about the new smartphone, from SlashGear, indicates that the Google Pixel 2 has managed to score 6248 points in its multi-core performances while the single core performance is not very exciting to look at since it managed to achieve a score of just 1804. The Geekbench listing also reports the device is clocked at a speed of 1.9gHz with a Snapdragon 835 processor onboard. While the Snapdragon 835 is clearly a massive powerhouse, everyone will have to wait and see what other components are inside the new smartphone from Google.

Google will be unveiling their new Google Pixel 2 smartphones in October this year where they'll hold a separate launch event just like previous years. Undoubtedly, the market demand for their new smartphones will be increasingly higher than before since Google has been successful in selling their current generation of Google Pixel smartphones.

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