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AMD Vega Launch: Nvidia Not Bothered About Competition

May 15, 2017 01:47 AM EDT

An Nvidia logo is shown on a screen during a keynote address in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Now that AMD is rumored to unveil their new Radeon Vega graphics for the consumers in less than two days now, their competitors Nvidia doesn't seem to be bothered about it. It's true that a lot of the gamer community and even some prosumers and enthusiasts still prefer Nvidia for a long time now due to lack of a good competition from AMD for all these years. With the market analysts and may reviewers predicting that the company will bounce back with the launch of their new lineup, Nvidia, however, is pretty confident about dominating the market just like before.

Nvidia has posted a revenue of $1.93 billion in the last financial quarter itself indicating the might of the company who's performing exceptionally well both in performance as well as hardware sales that only increased after they introduced their complete lineup of the Pascal series graphics both for consumers and prosumer markets. As per reports from WCCFtech, that is a substantial increase of 48 percent compared to the same results, the previous year. While the financial stability is totally positive for Nvidia right now, Jen-Hsun Huang, their CEO believes that the competition is not going to change anytime soon.

Even though AMD Vega graphics hasn't been released yet, Mr.Huang assured that they are currently not facing any active threat from its competitor. When questioned about the competitive landscape currently and in the future, Mr. Huang said even if their competitors announced a new platform, what best he, as a CEO could do is, respect the hardware launch of AMD but also remain positive about their own products in the market. According to Game Rant, Nvidia demonstrated the "Final Fantasy XV" video game rendered in real-time on its new Volta chips.

Nvidia has also unveiled the professional variant of the Tesla-based Volta graphics at a launch event this month. Volta completes Nvidia's current roadmap for consumer grade desktop graphics that is expected to be unveiled in 2018. While it has been a fantastic year for Nvidia so far, whether the new lineup from AMD will hinder their positive growth or not, is to be determined.


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