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AMD Vega Launch Hit By Low Shipment Supplies Due To HBM2

May 12, 2017 05:42 PM EDT


AMD Vega, the company's upcoming lineup of consumer graphic chips will be unveiled by the company in less than three days as per reports on the internet. That said, the company is now concentrating on sourcing adequate units ahead of their launch event. Only recently, AMD also brought in new desktop processors to compete with Intel. While the benchmarks for their new product is being reported on a daily basis, AMD has kind of run into a tricky situation.

It's true that the market demand for AMD Vega graphics will undoubtedly be in insane numbers. This is due to the fact that a lot of gamers and graphics enthusiasts are now hoping to see what AMD has in stock since Nvidia has now completed their complete lineup of Pascal series cards that they offer at a starting price of $250, to begin with. That said, reports from Hot Hardware suggests that AMD is likely facing a huge shortage of Vega units due to expensive costs involving the manufacturing of HBM2.

AMD is expected to be left out with less than 16.000 units at the time of AMD Vega launch while other websites have slightly increased the count to 20,000. This would, in turn, be a major concern for the manufacturer since the company has been out of active competition in the market for years now. AMD Has already witnessed its share price drop down by 20%.

Their current product on offer for consumer graphics is the Polaris-based Radeon RX 580 card which costs $249 in the United States as reported by WCCFTech. While the actual reasoning for the lack of good numbers available for sales is the expensive production of HBM2, AMD still has to release them as a fully functional product. To look at the bright side of things, the benchmarks have indicated that AMD Vega graphic cards are on par with Nvidia Pascal cards.


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