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With The Release Of Android O, Developers Can Release Updates By Just Updating The Android Framework

May 15, 2017 01:40 AM EDT


Google will be unveiling their new 'Android O' operating system at the Google I/O 2017 Developer Conference at the Moscone Center just like before. The annual developer conference that takes place for a period of 3 days will witness a lot of software-related developments implemented with new innovative technologies that will, in turn, be incorporated in their upcoming devices in September. The Mountain view firm has been releasing new android operating systems for approximately ten years now.

That said, Google plans to bring in a major change with the release of Android O operating system, that will be the current generation environment part of the Android ecosystem with the Google Pixel 2nd generation devices being the first among the lot to receive the new OS. According to reports from The Verge, the naming scheme for the new operating system might not be named until later this year unlike 2016 where Google opened a separate forum for all users to submit their desired names for the OS.

As it can be noted from a blog by Android Developers, the new operating system can be rolled out to vendor devices as soon as Google implements latest changes throughout the entire upgrade period.Google, beginning with Android O, will incorporate a method for vendor devices where manufacturers will be able to roll out updates almost immediately in a major move that will benefit all non-Google device users to enjoy the latest operating system.

During the past year, vendor partners have often approached Google about updating their devices to newer versions due to time-consuming efforts that are also costing manufacturers with unforeseen expenses. As a part of "Project Treble", the core concept will now be based on the source code of the operating system separated with that of the vendor implemented code. With this new approach, all vendors will be able to push out frequent Android O updates without much effort since the base framework will still be based on the code from Google.

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