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Breast Milk Compound Accidentally Found Not Only For Babies But Also For Cancer Cure

May 15, 2017 04:15 AM EDT

Breast Milk Can Kill Tumor Cells
(Photo : Raising Children Network/Youtube) Breast Milk Can Kill Tumor Cells

Swedish scientists accidentally found a compound present in breast milk. The compound was reportedly great for killing cancer cells.

Swedish scientists accidentally discovered a compound in breast milk which could kill cancer cells, LadBible reported. The compound was given a nickname Hamlet short term for Human Alpha-Lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells. As the name defines, the Hamlet compound in breast milk is obviously possible to kill cancer cells without killing the non-cancerous cells or bringing negative effects.

According to Mail Online, the Hamlet compound was tested in patients with bladder cancer and have shown a great result. So, scientists from the University of Lund in Sweden's next target is to try the Hamlet compound in breast milk on cervical cancer patients and bowel cancer.

One of the best thing with the Hamlet compound in breast milk is that it does not harm other cells, and has no negative effects compared to chemotherapy. At the early trials, those cancer patients who were injected with the Hamlet compound began passing dead cancer cells through urine. This one also beats radiotherapy's harsh effects on the body for it kills healthy cells.

It was Professor Catharina Svanborg, a professor of Immunology discovered the Hamlet compound in breast milk by accident while she was looking for antibiotics. "We were looking for novel antimicrobial agents where breast milk is the good source. While during one experiment we needed human cells with bacteria, and we chose tumor cells for practical reasons," Professor Svanborg said.

To their amazement, when the Hamlet compound from breast milk was added to the tumor cells, the cells died bringing them to a total discovery through serendipity. Professor Svanborg believes that there is something magical about the Hamlet compound that is present in breast milk for its ability to kill cancer cells.

However, at the moment, people should not expect too much from the Hamlet compound in breast milk until further trials have repeatedly shown positive results. But then, the breast milk gives hope that it's not only best for infants, but also for cancer patients.

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