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US Sanctuary Cities Divide Law Enforcement Agencies Implementation Of Immigration Laws

May 16, 2017 07:11 PM EDT


US local law enforcement agencies are divided over the government's orders on banning sanctuary cities. Law enforcers are in a quandary to obey orders in the drive to quell out illegals or leave the profiling to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcers (ICE).

Texas has a huge population of immigrants and most are already entrenched in societies close to the heart of their neighborhoods and the history involving Texas and Mexico. This is where the clash starts off, local enforcement agencies doing the jobs of immigration officials that could cause panic and chaos among the residents and local police in U.S. sanctuary cities. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo expresses dismay over expected incidents that could disrupt peace and order in his areas of responsibility. His lobby aginst the bill was not successful for local police not to get involved with ICE's duties.

The ban on U.S. sanctuary cities is all set and on its way to the table of Texas Governor Greg Abbott for confirmatory signature and placement into law. The unexpected local law enforcement chiefs from prominent places like Austin, Arlington, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio contest the bill.
The Texas Police Chiefs Association together with the Texas Chiefs Major Cities Association decried the bill and argued that their concern is for the safety of the public. Putting the bill into law will expose its citizens to danger. The bill will be punishable with jail time for local enforcement agencies refusal to cooperate in its implementation to ban U.S Sanctuary Cities, reports Buzzfeed.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback, some 200 county sheriffs of Texas have their concerns, but above everything else, the bill is fine with them. It is just in the method of implementation that they are not agreeable to. For them, it is still the job of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, reports the Business Insider.

The Lone Star State stands up for what it believes is just for its citizens during the Obama era. Trump's executive orders will test the policing actions of local law enforcement agencies in the ban of U.S. sanctuary cities. 

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