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Samsung Chromebook Pro Is Now Ready For Pre-Order On Amazon

May 16, 2017 02:59 PM EDT


Finally, Samsung Chromebook Pro is surfaced for pre-order on Amazon. Tech enthusiasts now can prepare to cherish a premium laptop that can run efficiently all the Android applications.

The wait is over now as the South Korean tech giant is ready with its premium device, the Samsung Chromebook Pro. According to BGR, the said laptop is equipped with a convertible touch screen. Consumers now can pre-order this sleek new Chromebook on Amazon.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is powered by the higher specs and less expensive like another premium device Chromebook Plus. Speculations were high about this premium laptop, and after a short period of delay Samsung, at last, uncovered one of the most anticipated tech devices. No doubt the laptop must have some higher specs than any other average budget laptop.

So the new and powerful Samsung Chromebook Pro might be finally paving the way for the consumers to cherish. According to 9 TO 5 Google, the Chromebook Pro must be available with a 12.3-inch display. The sleek device supports 4 GB of RAM and 2400x1600 pixel display.

A built-in stylus must increase the efficiency of the Samsung Chromebook Pro laptop. Intel Core m3 processor and built-in 32 GB of storage make the device more powerful. In a word, the new laptop might be equipped with some remarkable potentiality to provide smooth performance.

The 9 TO 5 Google reported the reason behind the delay of the Samsung Chromebook Pro is some performance issues while running the android applications. It is supposed that the new Chromebook Pro most probably will appear as the flagship Chromebook in the market. That means the laptop would produce a better user experience.

Consumers can pre-order the new Samsung Chromebook Pro for $550 on Amazon, and the device must be shipped near the end of May. Though no official word is available from Samsung but the Amazon listing contains a date and that is May 28. Now consumers must have to wait some more time to see the next development regarding this new laptop of the South Korean tech giant Samsung.


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