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Google’s New IoT Core Services Helps Businesses With Their IoT Data and Devices

May 17, 2017 11:21 AM EDT


Google has launched a new Cloud service for Internet of Things mainly for corporates to make use of IoT-based services such as Google Cloud IoT Core which will help companies with effective management of to their data generated by such devices. With the new move, reports indicate that Google plans to jump into the competition which is now mainly dominated by Amazon's Web services and Microsoft.

Google with their new  Google Cloud IoT Core service stresses that they're all about providing a new service to its cloud services which are increasing daily while also staying in the competition even if, not at a level that's mainstream. A report from Tech Crunch explains how transport firms, for example, will be able to gather data from their vehicles which in turn will generate a detailed report like weather, on-road traffic, and vehicular position.

Going into the details from their own Google Cloud platform blog, with the help of a fully-managed Google Cloud Platform service, Google Cloud IoT Core makes it easy for users to securely connect with globally distributed services and then manage them effectively with built-in feature rich applications integrated with Google's data analytics services. The company wanted to bring in their new services since due to a new trend in reliance of internet services by many enterprises.

The website also cites an example of oil and gas manufacturing companies who will now be able to make use of Google Cloud IoT Core services to maximize their production with very low downtime. The blog also provided has some detailed reasons as to why companies can now take advantage of the new set of services which otherwise will be a burden especially in maintenance and operational costs.

With the new Google Cloud IoT Core services, Google also offers enterprise-grade world-class security solutions for businesses. The company will begin their Google I/O event starting May. 17 which will mainly witness new innovations and new technologies towards the software side, mainly aimed towards the consumer audience. 


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