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HTC Announces Its New HTC U 11 Smartphone

May 17, 2017 10:58 AM EDT


Taiwanese firm HTC has released a new HTC U 11 smartphone that is offered at a price of $650. The new smartphone is currently their flagship device featuring a Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm and runs the latest Android Nougat v7.1 OS onboard. Reports online indicate that the smartphone will be offered by American cell services provider Sprint from June this year.

Going into the details, The Verge reports that the experience of the new HTC U 11 smartphone is a bit unnerving at first and definitely takes some good time to get used to the new device. A new feature on the smartphone is the inclusion of smart sensors embedded in the device where additional actions pop up when a user squeezes the sides of the device.

HTC calls it as 'Edge Sense' which can be configured to perform a variety of tasks on the HTC U 11 smartphone. Some examples were explained on the website like opening the camera application which involves only a slight squeeze whereas a long squeeze will either open the Google Assistant or toggles the flashlight application. Basically, HTC has designed their new feature in order to cut down additional time required to do the same tasks directly.

A detailed report from the Android Authority also reveals a surprise. Those users who want to purchase the new HTC U smartphone can redeem a discount of $50 for the codes have been shared on the website. HTC will allow only one coupon per purchase which also works for both unlocked and contract-based devices purchased directly on the company website of HTC. Other details also reveal Sprint users are only left with a single color choice.

Overall, the HTC U 11 smartphone is pretty promising at the moment but however, such a steep price is a bit concerning since the company is known to overprice their devices by a slight margin. The phone also runs on a quad HD resolution on the display which is secured by a scratch-proof Gorilla Glass 5 panel on the top of it. 

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