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Blackberry KeyOne Review: Price Reported At $549

May 16, 2017 05:09 AM EDT


Blackberry's current product offered to the markets, the Blackberry KeyOne is probably one of the best-designed smartphones according to numerous reviews. The Canadian smartphone maker released what seems to be one of their latest Android smartphones to the markets since Blackberry now plans to concentrate on security rather than manufacturing smartphone devices. Earlier reports also have indicated that TCL is the manufacturer of the device and not the firm itself since they are not into production anymore.

The Blackberry KeyOne features a QWERTY keypad along with a 4.5-inch display on the top running the latest Android Nougat v7.1 OS onboard. A circular camera ring in the back is also accompanied by two flashes alongside the iconic Blackberry brand logo completing the back portion of the smartphone. A SIM Slot, volume rockers and a camera shutter button is on the right side of the device while the left side includes a power button to the device. A detailed review from the Wired praises the keypad on the device.

Blackberry KeyOne is mainly popular now thanks to the QWERTY keypad that has been part of Blackberry's designs throughout their legendary days back in the pre-Apple era. As noted from Forbes,  those users desperately needing a physical keyboard on an Android device, there's only one good choice for them. A fingerprint sensor is embedded on top of the spacebar of the keypad which doubles its presence both as a space bar as well as authenticating a user that will help in unlocking the device as well as facilitating with online purchases without the need of a password.

That said, a major downside is that the Blackberry KeyOne device is priced at $549. For a price increment of $100, users will be able to buy the Google Pixel itself which is assured to receive continuous updates for 18 months from its initial launch period. While the performance isn't any slower compared to other premium smartphones, the only major bonus for a potential buyer is the QWERTY keypad which otherwise, is just another ordinary smartphone for a premium price but with a good build quality.


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