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Venom Of The Adult Brown Snake Is Fatal Compared To The Younger One

May 17, 2017 11:32 AM EDT

A new research study unveils more dangerous and potential impact of the older brown snake's venom. This is a major and the pioneering discovery of modern times.

Associate Professor Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland has revealed that the venom of young brown snakes can only affect the nervous system. But, the venom of the older snakes can severely attack the essential circulatory system. Dr. Fry utters significant words about this fact.

He says a young brown snake mainly specializes in lizards, but an adult one specializes in mammals. In a word, the venom of the older brown snake becomes more dangerous after gaining age. According to Phys.org, the young snakes are capable enough to produce clinical symptoms like a death adder. They can do this by paralyzing the nervous system of the sleeping lizards.

But, when the young brown snake transforms into an older one, then the venom becomes fatal with the presence of toxins. The venom plays a vital role in blood clotting and disables the mobilization of the rodent prey by a stroke. That means the age transformation of the brown snake increases its efficiency to create more deadly impacts.

Interestingly, this venom of the adult brown snake can't be so powerful when it is diluted in a relatively large blood volume of any human. Even it can't cause a stroke, but the bite victims may still have the chance to face death as a result of the internal bleeding. Dr. Fry says brown snakes are extremely venomous and their existence can be felt in the mainland Australia.

New Guinea is another destination for the eastern brown snakes. Recently Mail Online reported an incident that uncovers the death of a deadly brown snake by a dog owner as the reptile killed his dog. It is thought that the snake killed the dog while defending itself from the attack of the carnivore. Now it is quite clear that the snake is quite powerful and also contains dangerous venom.

The new study uncovers more complex action of the venom in the blood than it was previously noted. Earlier it was revealed that the brown snakes can act like taipans and transform the prothrombin into the thrombin. This ultimately helps to clot the blood.

The new discovery shows the brown snakes have the potency in activating the Factor VII, an important enzyme that helps in blood clotting. But, this element is actually missing during the envenomations by the brown snake. Now the enzyme has the ability to provide an important feedback that can accelerate the impacts of the venom in the blood.

No doubt the results of this modern discovery about the venom of the brown snakes make important contributions to the philosophy of the science. This research study explores much important information about the venomous brown snake and its impacts. In a word, researchers have uncovered the vital facts.

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