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Intel Skylake-X (Core i9), AMD Ryzen 9 Multicore CPUs Reportedly Coming As Revealed By Latest Leaks

May 17, 2017 05:31 PM EDT


For those who are waiting for the perfect multicore CPUs war, then it's the perfect timing. Intel Skylake-X (Core i9) and AMD Ryzen 9 are reportedly coming out soon.

Separate leaks revealed that Intel and AMD are cooking something for its fans. According to VentureBeat, two sites revealed leaks on the coming of multicore CPUs from two giant processor manufacturers. Anandtech forum revealed a leaked image on the specs of the Intel Skylake-X (Core i9) while WCCFTech revealed the AMD Ryzen 9.

This seems that both manufacturers are preparing something for their fans, and they are starting the secret competition on their own multicore CPUs. As per AMD, it is said that its AMD Ryzen 9 chip is designed to directly compete with the standing of Intel with another and new high-end chips.

Intel on the other hand, according to Gamespot, will not keep its 7th generation processors a secret. The four multicore CPUs under the Core i9 or Skylake-X were revealed. The four multicore CPUs are the Core i9-7920X with 12 cores/24 threads, the Core i9s-7900X with 10 cores/20 threads, the Core i9-780X with 8 cores/16 threads and the Core i9 7800X with 6 cores/12 threads.

Meanwhile, for AMDs multicore CPU line-up has revealed the Ryzen 9 starting from the Ryzen 9 1998X with 16 cores/32 threads, Ryzen 9 1998 with 16 cores/32 threads, the Ryzen 9 1977X with 14 cores/28 threads, the Ryzen 9 1977 with 14 cores/28 threads. Other Ryzen 9 multicore CPUs are the Ryzen 9 1976X with 12 cores/24 threads, Ryzen 9 1956X with 12 cores/24 threads, Ryzen 9 1956 with 12 cores/24 threads, Ryzen 9 1955X with 10 cores and the Ryzen 9 1955 with 10 cores.

Though the lineup from Intel and AMD multicore CPUs has been leaked, there is no official announcement yet so the pricing or even the exact release dates are unknown. The battle against Intel and AMD will continue on high-end and multicore CPUs benefiting its fans.

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