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Nodosaur Fossil: 110-Million-Year-Old Armored Dinosaur Fossil Revealed For First Time In Alberta Museum

May 18, 2017 02:17 AM EDT


After spending more than 7,000 hours for reconstructing the 110-million-year old armored dinosaur fossil, scientists successfully made the public debut of the nodosaur fossil in Alberta museum, Canada, last Friday. The dinosaur is said to be 18 feet long when alive.

According to CNN, the nodosaur fossil has been opened for exhibition to the public at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, situated in Alberta, Canada. What makes the nodosaur staggeringly one of a kind isn't its size, yet it's practically extraordinary condition of conservation. The bones cannot be seen in the fossil, as the major part of the skeleton is undetectable due to the cover of the fossilized skin of the nodosaur.

The nodosaur fossil exhibited in the Alberta museum is said to be from a new species and a new genus. As per the museum experts, nodosaur is said to be the oldest form of dinosaur from Alberta and this nodosaur fossil is said to be the best preserved of the armored dinosaurs ever excavated.

The Guardian reported that nodosaur fossil was found in the year 2011. It was discovered while a heavy equipment operator was burrowing through a tar sands mine when the scientists noticed that a portion of the stone had an odd shading and pattern. When the portion was stumbled upon, a 3000-pound nodosaur fossil, petrified front half, from the snout to the hips was discovered.

After the discovery of the nodosaur fossil, scientists transported it to the museum where they started its reconstruction. After successful reconstruction, the first public debut of the nodosaur was made on May 12, 2017, as a part of another display exhibiting fossils uncovered by industrial activities over the region. Researchers are predicting that the nodosaur was being swept away by a flood, where it was covered by sediment.

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