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Laptop Ban Expansion In Airliner Cabins Now Extends In Other European Regions

May 18, 2017 06:52 PM EDT

Laptop Ban Expansion In Other Regions
(Photo : TomoNews US /Youtube) Laptop Ban Expansion In Other Regions

Laptop ban and other electronics in airliner cabins on flights from Europe to America are expanding. Now, other European regions are under the policy.

Japan Times reported that the United States plans to expand the laptop ban in airliner cabins not only from Europe flights but also in other regions. The consideration for the expansion is getting broader despite more and more objections arise.

The laptop ban started in March when the US authorities banned passengers who are going to the United States from 10 different airports of eight countries. They were banned for bringing electronic gadgets such as tablets, and laptops among others which are bigger than cell phones inside the airliner cabin, Inquirer reported.

This time, spokesman, David Lapan from the Department of Homeland Security said that the anti-error officials of the United States are looking for other regions not only from Europe. Even though Lapan does not stress out the other areas, he said that a laptop expansion to other areas aside from Europe is "likely" to happen.

However, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly does not yet reveal his final decision regarding the laptop ban, but its best to prepare for it. The purpose of the laptop ban is to protect the country in the changing nature of terrorist threats. "It is always incumbent on us to figure out where those who wish to do us harm are going next and we try to stop that," Lapan said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister from Australia sees the laptop ban as good points and considering to follow the policies of Great Britain and the US. When asked if it's about the Islamic State group threat from the Russian diplomats which President Donald Trump discussed with, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull does not confirm. "My job is not to feed speculative commentary in the media," Turnbull said.

Among the flights affected by the US, laptop ban is flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Istanbul; Jeddah and Riyadh Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City; Doha, Qatar; and Casablanca, Morocco. As of now, despite the pushed of the European Union to refrain the laptop ban, there were likely other regions to be added to the list.

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