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The U.S. Is Going To Experience Another Warmer Than Normal Summer In 2017: Forecasters Have Predicted Hot weather

May 19, 2017 06:03 AM EDT


The United States is going to experience another warmer summer in 2017. The U.S. forecasters have predicted that the majority of the nation will feel the rising temperature.

According to ABC News, U.S. forecasters have already indicated another hotter than the normal summer for most parts of the nation. Even a good number of states from the Texas to Montana may also experience the wetter weather. That means the country once again will feel the acute touch of the increasing heat in 2017.

Recently released summer outlook of the National Weather Service predicts the huge probability of hot weather for the major parts of the U.S. including Alaska. Though, some parts of the country will be lucky with an exception. These parts include Montana, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Iowa, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska. Even parts of Colorado and Missouri must have that exception.

Stephen Baxter, the popular forecaster, reveals that a probability also exists that this summer may not be so hot as the recent summers. The rain-soaked soil, produced by the wet spring, will probably keep the temperature down to some extent. Baxter has already forecasted a wetter summer than a normal one for the Alaska state. So it is quite clear that the U.S. is going to face another summer that must not be very comfortable.

It seems the East Coast has already begun to experience the heat of the summer. The temperatures of the New York City and its adjacent areas are gradually increasing. According to Weather, the Northeast will feel the warmer- than average temperatures in June. Even Southeast and parts of the West in the U.S. will have the similar condition.

The temperature will probably remain above the average level in July from Northern California to western Washington. Even parts of West excluding Montana will experience the same more than average heat. Though, farther east will experience more comfortable weather that includes eastern Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and the Upper Midwest. In a word, a major part of the U.S may face the heat of summer in the month of July.

The warmer-than-average temperatures will also continue in August. Southern California, western Texas and New Mexico may see the increasing heat above the average level. The trend of these three months defines the probability of a hotter than the normal summer in the U.S.


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