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OnePlus 5 Prototype Leaks Again; Dual Camera is Exhibited, No 3.5mm Jack Available

May 19, 2017 08:09 AM EDT


A OnePlus 5 is leaked again. This time the latest OnePlus 5 prototype does not have 3.5mm jack, but a dual camera is shown.

OnePlus announced its partnership with the French-based photography expert company, DxO Labs on Thursday, May 18, in the company's official forum. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is aiming to greatly enhance its camera for the latest smartphone series Meanwhile many users expected the update of the latest OnePlus 5 prototype following the announcement.

A day before the official announcement, according to NDTV, the latest image of the OnePlus 5 prototype is leaked. The image shows that the latest OnePlus 5 prototype has a slightly different design than the earlier one. The phone is shown to have a vertical dual camera setup, complete with dual-LED flash in the middle, with a broader design than the one suggested in earlier leaks.

The dual camera in the latest OnePlus 5 prototype showed the Shenzen-based company really determines to greatly improve its customers experience in taking pictures using the smartphone. OnePlus promise the partnership with DxO Labs, a company that is known for its expertise in image processing software, will give its phone camera the enhanced photography experience.

The company is confident that its partnership with DxO Labs will be able to build the phone camera in its smartphone become comparable to that of the DSLR. The company's determination is shown in the latest OnePlus 5 prototype. DxO Labs is a well-known company in the world of photography for creating the DxOMark, a definitive benchmark for photography.

The latest OnePlus 5 prototype image also shows the phone to be without the 3.5mm headphone jack. This indicated the company has decided to fully optimize the on-board USB Type-C port. Many enthusiasts have been waiting eagerly for the latest version of the OnePlus smartphone, after its latest OnePlus 3T, which was launched in November last year.

The number five is used in the latest OnePlus 5 prototype is used because, in Chinese tradition, number four is pronounced similar to the word "death," which will be considered as unlucky. Watch the prediction of OnePlus 5 from Android Authority below:

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