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The Siberian Tiger Vladik Gets New Destination: The City Of Vladivostok Gets Relief

May 20, 2017 01:51 PM EDT


Russian City Vladivostok gets relief as officials relocated a Siberian tiger to a national park in the country. Previously the city was terrorized by this Amur tiger.

The Siberian tiger was a cause of fear in the Vladivostok as the animal was prowling the city's suburbs, according to Phys.org. Recently the tiger gets a new location. This Amur tiger is shifted to a wild, vast national park in Russia.

It is expected that the Siberian tiger will thrive in the wild national park. Last October the tiger was captured on the edge of the city Vladivostok. A few days ago, he was shifted to the Bikin National Park by helicopter. Vladik is the nickname of the tiger.

Russia has already announced the Siberian or the Amur tigers as the protected species. Latest estimation shows that only 540 are living in the wild. Reports indicate that the animal first appeared bewildered when his cage was opened. But, after a few moments, he growled and leaped out.

The World Wildlife Fund video reveals the Siberian tiger then ran around that place where the helicopter actually landed and just disappeared into the woods. According to the National Geographic, these Amur tigers mainly live in the birch forests of Russia. Though, some of them are also found in North Korea and China.

The Siberian tigers are regarded as the largest wild cats in the world and they are famous for their strength and physical power. Earlier, nine subspecies of the tiger existed, but during the time of the 20th century, three became extinct. Currently, the population of this Amur tiger is decreasing drastically as a result of gradual forest destruction and hunting.

The remaining six subspecies are now threatened and they need proper protection. The Siberian tigers are obviously very powerful hunters and have the ability to travel a long way to find the prey. A hungry one can consume maximum 60 pounds in one night.

Most of the times, the Siberian tigers try to avoid humans, though some of them become dangerous. The tigers prefer to stay in the areas where the traditional prey no more exists. In a word, these animals need proper protection due to their decreasing numbers.

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