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Swallowable Gastric Balloon Could Treat Obesity Without Bloody Procedure

May 23, 2017 04:12 AM EDT

Swallowable Gastric Balloon For Weight-Loss
(Photo : YOYO Things/Youtube) Swallowable Gastric Balloon For Weight-Loss

Good news for obese and people who are dying to lose weight. This swallowable gastric balloon is invented to treat obesity without the need for surgery.

The Guardian reported the latest invention to lose weight but clearly mentioned that this is not a replacement for bariatric surgery. The procedure uses a swallowable gastric balloon that is being filled with water when it reached the stomach. The invention is expected to help the obese lose a lot of weights without the need for bloody surgery.

According to Mirror, the swallowable gastric balloon is developed for the sole purpose of helping millions of people in the United Kingdom who are suffering from obesity and those who aims to lose weight. The gastric balloon only needs to be swallowed as an ordinary pill. When it reached the stomach, the pill will be inflated and filled with water and will fill up the stomach making a person feel a full tummy.

The swallowable gastric balloon is seen to be better than bariatric surgery which is a highly-effective procedure in reducing the size of the stomach and is highly effective. However, the anesthesia is risky for somebody who is very overweight. Besides, for a bariatric surgery, long preparation is necessary including psychological and physical and it is also expensive.

There are two processes to remove the balloon from the stomach. First is, after four months¸ then, the balloon will spontaneously open, empties itself and excreted through the anus. Secondly, the swallowable gastric balloon can be removed through endoscopy.

During the period that the swallowable gastric balloon stays in the stomach, the person with the balloon inside the stomach will be forced to eat less, thus resulting in weight loss and controlled eating. More so, multiple swallowable gastric balloons can be delivered in the stomach of a person and produce optimal effects during the whole period.

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