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Saturn's Moon Titan Is More Like Mars Not Earth

May 20, 2017 01:12 PM EDT

Saturn's Moon Titan Is More Like Mars
(Photo : VideoFromSpace/Youtube) Saturn's Moon Titan Is More Like Mars

A Recent study finds out that Saturn's moon Titan resembles an atmosphere that is more like Mars than Earth. The study contradicts previous findings that Titan is Earth's toxic twin.

Mail Online reported that a new study found that the Saturn's moon Titan's topographic history closely resembles an atmosphere that is close to Mars than Earth. Researchers found out that like Mars which experienced active plate tectonics billion years ago, Titan also had the same.

According to Phys, Titan is the Saturn's largest moon and just like Earth, it has active flowing rivers, that flow into oceans and lakes even though it is mainly fed by liquid methane rather than water. However, the recent research of Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT scientists, they have found out that the surface elevations and topography of Titan to Earth are unlike.

The latest discovery was reported noting that, Saturn's moon Titan is more like Mars, but totally unlike with Earth for Titan doesn't have any active plate tectonics in the past. Furthermore, the telltale signature on the rivers of Earth was missing on Titan and Mars.

Lead Author and formerly an MIT graduate student Benjamin Black who is now an assistant professor at the City College of New York said commented on the difference. Black said, "While the processes that created the topography of Titan are still enigmatic, some mechanisms are still familiar with those on Earth."

More so, the Saturn's moon Titan is thought by researchers to have to owe its topography as well as its surface elevation to Saturn's tides. The study has also led the team to gain some knowledge on the evolution of Mars' landscape.

Associate Professor of Geology in MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences or EAPS, Taylor Perron said that the existence of the three worlds in the solar system where flowing rivers have carved into the landscape are remarkable. Whether Saturn's moon Titan is just like Earth or not, the discovery is expected to impart a lot for future research.

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