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World’s First Stretchable OLED Display to be Unveiled By Samsung

May 23, 2017 02:38 PM EDT


Samsung will introduce the world's first stretchable OLED display at the Display Week, an event that showcases all latest innovations from major panel manufacturers for a period of one week in the state of California. Especially for Samsung smartphone fans, it's one of the hottest topics for discussion since there were leaked information alleging that, a fully foldable display was in the works.

The subsidiary of Samsung will be unveiling the first stretchable OLED display that is the most advanced yet, according to Korean state media. The working prototype of the panel displayed at the event has a diagonal size of 9.1-inches and can bend up to 12 mm in both directions as reported by PhoneArena. The panel will also be able to support higher display resolutions.

The report also mentions that Samsung will most likely introduce their new stretchable OLED  display panels into their smartphones very soon. High-end build quality with high-quality resolutions seems to be the future for the company's upcoming generations of smartphones. The report also mentions the stretchable panel is still in its early stages of development. Hence the prototypes will only be bettered in the coming years.

According to details from Digit, Samsung plans to use their new stretchable OLED displays on various electronic hardware like wearables, IoT displays and even those present in automobiles. A representative for Samsung mentioned the flexible panels will be able to bend both ways while the current flexible OLED panels can only be transformed in a single side.

Samsung has also confirmed that their new prototype stretchable OLED display panels aren't ready for mass production yet but the same would be possible in a few years from now. Samsung has scheduled a public announcement shortly where more details about their new display panels will be revealed.


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