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Physical Activity Can Reduce The Risk Of Kidney & Bladder Cancer As Inactivity Enhances The Risks

May 26, 2017 05:25 AM EDT

Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Mo Farah of Great Britain do some exercise with school kids
(Photo : Tom Shaw/Getty Images for Nike) Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Mo Farah of Great Britain do some exercise with school kids whilst they were at Lilian Baylis Old School to announce the findings of a report published today, written by the Young Foundation and funded by Nike, which finds that physical inactivity costs the UK economy GBP 8.2bn per year. The Move It report warns that England faces an epidemic of physical inactivity unless the Government makes significant changes to the nation's sporting infrastructure. For more information www.designedtomove.org on October 1, 2012 in London, England.

A recent study explores that lack of physical activity can lead to cancer in the kidneys and bladder. The study suggests increment of physical activity can decrease the cancer risks.

It is quite evident that physically active persons avail sound health. But, a current study unveils that chronic low physical activity enhances the chances of cancer in the kidney and bladder. The study suggests that increasing physical activeness may lower this risk.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, about 57,000 adult persons suffer from renal pelvis and kidney cancers in the U.S. The shocking fact is about 14,000 people every year die from this disease, Medical News Today stated. Apart from this, 71,000 people in the U.S. become the victim of bladder cancer and about 16,000 people gradually perish due to this health problem. It is a common fact that proper physical activity always provides long-lasting health benefits.

Even recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services include moderate physical activity for 150 minutes and vigorous activity for 75 minutes every week. The aim of the recommendations is to bring many health benefits. It is true that every individual on earth prefers good health.

The researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, examined the fact of renal and bladder cancer. The research team tried to explore the relation between the sedentary lifestyle and the risk of bladder or kidney cancer. Popular journal Cancer Epidemiology revealed the findings of this study. The sedentary lifestyle is now a common trend, though, physical activity is always necessary to have the active sound health.

Professor Dr. Kirsten Moysich and assistant professor Dr. Rikki Cannioto led the research study. Both of them are currently working in the Departments of Cancer Prevention and Control and Immunology at the Roswell Park. The research team analyzed 208 people suffering from bladder cancer, 160 persons suffering from kidney cancer, and also 766 healthy controls. The team asked all the participants to report their physical activity levels.

These levels include the participation of weekly or regular physical activity and also the inactiveness. That means the team tried to identify the participants who took part in the activities regularly or weekly in their lives. The researchers also identified those participants who never participated in such activities and they were regarded as "physically inactive". Researchers preferred the unconditional multivariable logistic regression methods to assess the odds of developing the bladder and kidney cancer.

During the research study, the authors explored the evidence of the positive association between the kidney and the bladder cancer with physical activity. Obviously, they indicated the lifetime recreational activities. They noted that physical inactivity can develop the kidney cancer risks by up to 77 percent and bladder cancer risks up to 73 percent. This factor is also visible among the people who are suffering from obesity or possess the weight.

So the sedentary lifestyle or lower level of physical activity can make any individual the victim of renal or kidney cancer and the bladder cancer. Previous studies also pointed the relation between the risks of cervical and ovarian cancer and the physical inactiveness. After examining the outcome of the research study Dr. Moysich has asked people to maintain the simple and moderate form of physical activity.

Dr. Moysich hopes that the results of the study will motivate the inactive persons to engage themselves in some physical activities. He opined that small adjustments like preferring the stairs instead of the elevator or walking around while preparing for lunch time can produce good results. Dr. Cannioto also stresses on a healthy lifestyle.

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