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Google App beta 7.3: Google To Add App Shortcuts In The New OTA Update

May 26, 2017 05:53 AM EDT


During their annual developer conference in San Francisco, Google unveiled 'Google lens', an app that can recognize elements in an image based on machine learning. As expected, the new app will be rolled out alongside the Android O operating system. New reports suggest the app shortcut for Google lens is already on its way to Google App beta 7.3 the current operating system from the developer.

Google Lens was arguably one of the most exciting announcements from Google during their Google I/O event. According to a report from 9To5Google, an APK teardown of the Google application for the new Google App beta 7.3 reveals the Google Lens app shortcut will be a part of it. As mentioned in the report, it is one among the many minor changes that will be part of the beta.

The latest version of the application that was uploaded to the Android Play store reveals app shortcuts may have been live for some users well before Google App beta 7.3 as a part of the developer program. App shortcuts help greatly in navigating the user to the respective part of the Google app. The report also mentions that voice search feature rather launches the older voice application and not the latest Google Assistant.  

The new version of Google App beta 7.3 will also be renaming the Google App to just 'Google' as it can be noted from Android Headlines. The Google Lens icon replaces the visual search icon colored in gray rather than what was showcased during the developer conference.

Other key developments from Google this year included improvements to their AI-based Google Home and Google Assistant. The home-based portable product will now also be able to call people directly from the device itself. Google also introduced a new modern developer language Kotlin that can run on the Java Virtual Machine.   

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